Dental Fillings in Ramona, CA

Dental Fillings in Ramona, CA

People often don’t realize they have tooth decay until they bite down while eating and experience a sharp jolt of pain in their teeth. This pain is caused by a nerve that has become exposed thanks to the creation of a cavity. A cavity is a hole in the tooth enamel caused by a buildup of plaque, which eats through the enamel, leading to decay.

Here at Ramona Main Street Dental, we understand how painful a cavity can be. After all, all of our staff are human and have experienced the difficulties of maintaining proper oral health and hygiene. To ensure maximum patient comfort, we offer dental fillings in a soothing, relaxing environment to repair cavities and stop further pain.

What Is a Filling?

A filling is when a substance is inserted into a cavity to repair the damage done to the enamel. Before the 2000s, the majority of fillings were made of gold or amalgam (silver). However, modern practices like Ramona Main Street Dental have started to phase out these materials in favor of tooth-colored composite resin. The resin is almost invisible when placed and is less prone to deterioration or decay, making it the best option for oral health and wellness.

Do Fillings Hurt?

We want to ensure our patients are comfortable, so we use a local anesthetic when repairing cavities that have exposed nerves. The anesthetic numbs your mouth, meaning you don’t feel any pain during the process. Instead, you will only feel slight pressure from the dentist working. Once the anesthetic wears off, you will be able to eat, drink, and speak like normal.

How Long Do Fillings Take?

Many of our patients who come to the office seek immediate relief, and we are happy to help. If the cavity has not led to severe decay or infection, a filling can be placed in a single appointment. The actual insertion of the filling takes less than half an hour. If there is an underlying problem, our dentist will need to clean out and sanitize the tooth before applying a filling or crown.

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