Probiotics and Your Oral Health in Ramona, CA

Probiotics and Your Oral Health in Ramona, CA

At Ramona Main Street Dental, we’re always at the forefront when it comes to offering our patients superior dental care. To this end, we work with forward-thinkers in the field of dentistry to provide our patients with the professional care they deserve. We have collaborated with ProBiora Health™ to offer our patients cutting edge probiotic technology to boost oral health.

But first, what is a probiotic?

In the simplest terms, a probiotic is a useful microorganism that’s introduced into the body for purposes of balancing a particular aspect of your physiology.

Probiotics at Ramona Main Street Dental

Even with regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings, bad breath can become a nuisance in your life. Various factors can cause a person to have bad breath, including decay, gum disease, and lifestyle habits such as smoking, to name a few. The use of probiotics is guaranteed to combat many of the culprits behind bad breath, leaving you with a mouth that stays fresher for longer. The ProBioraPro works by crowding out the harmful bacteria in your mouth and replacing these with good bacteria.

The ProBioraPro offered by our dentist in Ramona, CA, not only leaves you with fresher breath but also protects your gum health and whitens your teeth. All you have to do is pop the ProBioraPro mint into your mouth and wait for the results. We advise our patients to use the probiotic at night for increased effectiveness.

Benefits of Probiotics

While probiotics have widely been used in other healthcare fields, it’s only recently that they’re making a breakthrough in the world of oral healthcare. The easy-to-use ProBioraPro, coupled with regular dental cleanings at Ramona Main Street Dental, can safeguard your oral health for years to come. It’s a non-invasive and effective solution to the common problem of ensuring your teeth are protected at all times.

Taking steps to ensure your oral health stays in excellent condition is essential toward safeguarding your overall health. At Ramona Main Street Dental, we want our patients to not only have great teeth but healthy bodies as well. That’s why we are keen to offer this novel oral health solution to everyone who requests it. If you’re interested in incorporating some probiotics into your oral health routine, book an appointment with us today. We’ll also be happy to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns that you’d like us to address.

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