Veneers in Ramona, CA

Veneers in Ramona, CA

When you’re meeting someone, the first feature they usually notice is your smile or lack of one if your stained or chipped teeth embarrass you. To stop the embarrassment, a dentist can give you options for repairing your teeth. While there are many procedures to choose from, one of the simplest and least painful is applying dental veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin layers of material that fit over damaged or stained teeth to improve their appearance or prevent further damage to them. The procedure from start to finish only takes two to three appointments and is virtually painless. Dental veneers are available from Ramona Main Street Dental, and one of the best dentists in Ramona will perform the procedure.

The Process of Applying Veneers

The first visit to our facility will involve a consultation about your teeth. One of our dentists will examine your teeth and provide the options for improving how they look. If you choose to get veneers, then he or she will start the process of making them.

Depending on your teeth’s condition, the dentist may need to repair them by removing decay or damage that is present. Damage like chips or cracks may require reshaping the teeth or putting an adhesive on them to bond them to prevent the damage from getting worse. Then, the dentist will prepare the front surface of the teeth for receiving the veneers.

Applying Veneers

After the repairs, our dentist in Ramona will select the color for the veneers and prepare the teeth to receive them. Veneers may consist of porcelain, porcelain laminate, or composite material. Temporary veneers will go onto your teeth, which is a composite material until the permanent ones are ready for their fitting.

Temporary veneers can stain and break because they are meant to last for only a week to 10 days. During the final visit to Ramona Main Street Dental, your dentist removes the temporary veneers and then cleans your teeth.

Afterward, an adhesive bond goes on them, and then the permanent veneers. Our dentist then cures the adhesive, leaving you with an even, white smile.

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